Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby Mae

What can be better than seeing a new life. The first bath, the first t-shirt, feeling brand new toes, hearing that new cry. I was so blessed to meet my newest niece just minutes after she was born. I have been waiting months to share some of these images, and now... the time is here! Enjoy! I can not ever get enough of baby feet (as you can probably tell)! This shot of my brother-in-law Joe holding Mae's beautiful and tiny feet is one of my favorites. My sister is an amazing person... I love her, and I love this next image of her staring at her perfect little girl.
What a blessing it was to have the nurse examine Mae and say that she was doing great.We had a wonderful time watching all of these firsts... Ava who had just turned 5 came along to see her new cousin. It was so much fun to watch her see this new little one. She was so patient while she waited. I love this image of her... it will always be a little time capsule for me to remember who she was at this time in her life. I will always remember those vans, that soft wavy hair, how much she likes to color, the Leapster tucked away in her barbie bag right next to her crayons, lip gloss and mermaid.... what a sweet girl.Mae was not quite sure about this first bath. I loved seeing her beautiful brown hair full of shampoo.Ava was surprised that Mae could make so much noise... it made me laugh to see her covering her ears.Ahh... a sweet, soft, clean, content, perfect little girl.Ava will never forget this day, what a great gift it was for her aunt and uncle to allow her to share in this special day.Big Brother Oliver was 17 months old when his sister came to join his family. I was completely impressed and thrilled with his response to his sister. You could see the love in his eyes when he saw her and touched her for the first time. He looked at his sister and then looked at his mom with his eyes filled with excitement.He could not get enough of her. He will be a wonderful big brother.We went to my sister's house when Mae was just a couple of days old to take some more images of her. This is a favorite of mine.... this is an antique box that my sister has... the orange blanket was made by my mother, Mae's grandma. She is just so small and so sweet... I love it.These tiny little ones are so amazing. You just have to capture this type of image in the first couple of days. They change and grow so fast... if you blink you will miss it.This last shot was to go with an image we took of Oliver when he was a baby. Oliver was one month old when we took this shot.
Thanks again to Kaia and Joe for allowing us to share in this amazing day. Miss Mae is such a blessing, I can not wait to keep watching her grow and seeing what a fabulous girl she will grow into!


Katherine said...

gorgeous! How do you do all this and not want to have babies every day?!
Hope to see both of you and your families soon.

Lisa said...

Sarah -- Your photography is just GORGEOUS! How lucky your family is to have you capturing these special moments in such beautiful, unique, touching ways. You talent, you! :) Love, Lisa Erickson