Friday, January 2, 2009

Hot Tub Toes, Cousins, and Music.

Meet Maia and Emily.
These are two of my nieces, and they are both pretty amazing people. I can not wait to show you some of the recent photos I have taken for them, but first off let me say, my girls... they LOVE their cousins. They especially enjoy going to visit them and playing in their hot tub. They stay in as long as they possibly can... until they have hot tub toes!
Maia... she is into her guitar these days. There is a long list of her interests, same for Emily, but this day we focused on their musical interests.I love this next one, we all have agreed that this could be her album cover.
So often the photographer and the camera are guilty of chasing away true personality. This is one reason that it is so fun to take photos of a child or teenager doing something that they enjoy. Not only does it make them more comfortable, but you can really capture their true spirit.

Emily, she is in her first year of middle school. She is a great singer and she also plays piano with a passion. I love this image of her. This is Emily's favorite piece to play right now.I was excited to know these girls before they were even born. It just gets more and more fun to watch them as they grow into amazing, intelligent, and talented individuals. Now.... good luck in that basketball game girls!!!

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Katherine said...

I love these...their personalities really show in these shots. Great girls, great pics!