Saturday, November 6, 2010

Two Sisters in The Park

Have you been to the Japanese Gardens in Seattle?  If you have not, you need to go.  I mean it... the colors there are amazing!  I had the pleasure of shooting these two sisters there recently,  and I was just in awe of its beauty!

These girls were so much fun! They could not have been more sweet or beautiful!  We had a great afternoon. The day started the day with Sarah.

Sarah is 15, and was getting ready to go out on the town for her tolo dance after our session.  It was raining, and as we all know, rain is not good for your hair.  It is not good for photos, and it doesn't help for formal dances either, but Sarah was a trooper.  She and her sister brought great umbrellas that we used throughout the day. I ended up loving the umbrellas and the impact they had on the photos.  Aren't they great?!

At the start of the session I was shooting Sarah when I looked to my left and saw Jayne up here...

Yup, she likes climbing, and  I loved how happy she looked up there.  

 Jayne is 10 and just like her sister, she speaks french.  Amazing isn't it.  These girls are talented!

The girls brought a few things from their lives that are important to them and define who they are at this moment in time.  It was fun for me to talk to them about each item and learn about them in the process.  Jayne brought her favorite little stuffed giraffe.  She has had this giraffe since she was born and it is still dear to her today.  

Sarah and Jayne both get along famously.  I was very impressed. 
They also shared a lot of the same interests.  As if speaking French wasn't enough, these girls are both AMAZING violinists.

They brought their violins to the session, but the rain was making it so we could not have them out for photos.  I really wanted to hear them play, so their dad came up with the idea of shooting under the viaduct. Without hesitation, we were off to our next location. So... there we were, right by University Village,  under the viaduct in Seattle with cars buzzing by us while the girls played for us.  I was in heaven!  

They were both amazing.  I could have listened to them forever!

Thank you Sarah and Jayne for being such great sports and for putting on such an amazing concert!

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