Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas Is Coming ! !

It is Christmas time! Yea! I am so excited for the holidays this year! The kids are thrilled that we have our lights up and they are having daily dancing sessions with the singing polar bear and penguin trio in our living room! They have been waiting all year to get this out of storage!

Tonight Oliver (my nephew) and his parents came to visit us. Oliver's parents were the providers of the loud singing polar bear trio... this year they brought along an eight foot Frosty for our yard! I am wondering what our neighbors are thinking right now! The kids love it when they come to visit!

Isn't Oliver handsome?! Look at those cheeks... don't you just want to squeeze them! He is just the sweetest little boy! Oliver is 8 months old and very inquisitive... he loved the Christmas lights and even tried to eat a few of them! He is a motivated little guy... he is completely mobile, and will surely keep his parents busy for hummmm the next 17 years! I just love this little boy! How can you not fall in love with those blue eyes!

Thank you Kaia and Joe for coming to visit! I am so excited for you guys to have little (or not so little) Oliver in your lives. You are so blessed! Christmas will be so wonderful and fun for you this year!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Boys Will Be Boys

This weekend I had a chance to do a shoot with a great family! Brydon and Jake were the stars of the day. They totally crack me up! They are 5 year old twins, all about boys and boy stuff, and great friends. They made me laugh about as much as they made each other laugh. I will let you imagine for yourself what they answered when I asked them what we should talk about...

I have known these boys since the day they were born. It is so much fun to watch them grow into their own personalities. Brydon (above) is the ham. He knows just what to say to get everyone laughing. Jake (below) is a tad more serious, but just can not help but laugh and thoroughly enjoy his brother's humor.
These two little boys are complete heart breakers.... even though we did talk a lot about boogers! It was a great afternoon and a privilege to take photos for the this family! Thank you Chris and Stace!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Love those toes

Is there anything better than baby toes? So soft, so perfect. I can not get enough of them! Little ones change so quickly.... it seems like yesterday that my own kiddos were this little... I am so thankful to have photos. I never want to forget these special days and memories! I had the opportunity to take some shots of little Adeline this past weekend. She is such a sweetheart! Look at her beautiful toes!

Adeline's parents completely adore her. It is so obvious that with their love this little girl is going to grow into an amazing person! It was such a pleasure to be in their home and shoot photos for them. They have not had photos taken of her before so I felt quite privileged to have the opportunity to capture the beauty of their little girl and the love they have for her!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Family Photos for the Holidays!!!

Everyone needs a great family shot for their Christmas cards! If you are like me, if I do not get it done soon, before I know it, it will be January and I will be talking about how I let the time slip by!

If you guys are interested, I am planning on some short mini sessions to get some family shots for you. I am thinking approximately 30 minute sessions and I will give you a disc with approximately 10 shots for you to print as you wish. The cost will be $50! I am planning on doing this on location, possibly a local university campus. If you get a couple of your friends together and we can meet where you want and the price will remain $50... if there is at least two families. If you would like family shots in your own home or yard, the price will increase to $75.
The dates that I am tentatively looking at for this are Saturday November 17Th and Sunday December 2nd. Email if you are interested in signing up for a time slot or if you just have questions.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fall Family Photos

What a great time of year it is for family photos! It is beautiful outside, the air is crisp and people are beginning to get into the holiday spirit. It is time for you to start thinking about your holiday cards... you better include a recent family shot! I am pondering the idea of doing "mini" sessions for people if they are interested in getting a good family shot for this fall or winter.... more detail to come on that soon. Email me at if you want more information!

I had a great time this afternoon doing a shoot for some close friends. We have so many leaves at my house that I convinced them to stay and play in them for their "mini" session. Their new little one is one of the most precious little things I have seen in some time! Here are a few shots from their session.

Little Zoey is so dang cute... it was hard to choose the pictures for you to see. She is so animated... her eyes tell such a story. What a cutie!

Of course Ethan took a little time out to jump in the leaves! He had a blast! Who wouldn't?

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Amazing Fall...

This weekend we had beautiful weather. The sun was out, and we were all able to go out and play with just our T-shirts. The girls both had a great time in the leaves... well, at least Ava had a great time. We had some powerful 2 year old tantrums, but we were eventually able to bribe Olivia into having fun with Halloween candy!
Oops... Ava is calling... I will be right back.....
All right, it has been an hour and a half! Ava was calling me saying, "Mom... Come here right now!" I went to see what she needed while telling her that was not quite the right way to call me. I got to the top of the stairs where she was standing and she pointed off to her right. She said, "Look at what Olivia is doing." When I peeked off to the couch where she was supposed to be sitting, I noticed that she had climbed over the couch and was scaling the shelving with no trouble at all. She was going for her trophy, a tiny glass bird from my grandmother... I reached her just in time.
After that event, I decided that I should stay a little closer for awhile, and I decided to make dinner. Zach was outside working on the motor home, so I decided to do something simple for the girls... to my surprise, they both asked for second helpings of veggies... WOW! We had some music in the background... Michael Jackson came on, and for what ever reason I decided to show the girls some of my moves from the 80's... not a good idea. Olivia shook her head and said, "Mom, no dance, it not working." She was right!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


I can not begin to tell you how much I learned last weekend. Me Ra Koh Photography, , had a workshop right in town and I spent two days with Me Ra and her husband Brian. They were amazing! For anyone interested in learning about photography (beginners or professionals) you have to go to their class. You will not be sorry, and I think I learned as much about myself over the weekend as I did photography! We had a blast and I made some wonderful friends. Here are some shots that I took over the weekend.