Thursday, March 27, 2008

Behind the Camera

A couple of nights ago I went to a meeting with some local photographers, and one thing that I learned is how uncomfortable I am in front of the camera. We were taking turns practicing with lighting in a studio setting and we used each other as models (victims) as we practiced. The second I sat down in front of the camera, I could feel my pulse raise as well as my temperature. It gave me a new appreciation for how people may be feeling when I am taking their photo, and also how glad I am to be on that side of the camera!

We had Julie Watts of Julie Watts Photography hosting us in her Edgewood studio, Studio 36. You should check out her amazing photos on her website. It was really great to get together with other local photographers (Amanda Mays and Carol Swales), share ideas and just chat. We are planning to keep getting together to just have fun, network, and learn. I know that most of my photos are in very informal settings, but if any of you are interested in studio shots, Julie is making her studio available for rent, exciting huh! Now we can have fun there too if anyone is interested in more formal shots.

On a side note.... isn't this weather just insane? It is practically April! What is with this snow!


Connie said...

Hi! I know, this snow is crazy! Let me know when the next get together is, I would love to join in.

Sara Montgomery said...

Connie, so great to hear from you! Your blog is just amazing! We have spoken a lot about continuing to get together, I will definately let you know the next time we get together... You have to come!