Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Easter Egg Fun!!!

Can you believe it, Easter is right around the corner! Last year we had so much fun decorating our eggs, I just had to post some of the photos. I think this year I am going to try to reproduce the experience, but we will see... that is always a hard thing to do. If you stress out with the mess that comes along with dying eggs, my advice to you is to do it outside. It TOTALLY takes the stress out of the situation. No more worrying about if the kids are going to make a mess or not. You can just give them a carton of eggs and let them have at it!

This is how we started off the day... nice and clean! The girls were not quite sure what they were going to be doing with all of these eggs!

Initially we tried to be very very careful. I love Ava's expression in this shot. She really really did not want to drop this egg that she had worked so hard on! I know how she feels... I can never balance an egg on one of those lame holders either. As you will see, they quickly gave up on them!
Ahh... this is more like it. Just use your hands! I think they would have kept decorating eggs until they passed out from exhaustion. They each had a carton with 18 eggs in it, it was amazing to see how quickly they dyed all of them.
The first set of eggs actually turned out really nice.Olivia was hilarious, she kept moving eggs from one color to the next.... I think each of her eggs went in every color of dye. As you can imagine eventually every container had the same color of dye in it....Because of that, Olivia's eggs turned out like this! I guess she was going for the natural, earthy tones. Watch out Martha Stewart! Even though it took weeks for the green "Incredible Hulk" colored hands to come clean, we had a wonderful time dying eggs, and it was worth the mess!

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Mary Ann and Al said...

It was fun for Grandma to be a part of the egg dying. What fun we had. Grandma