Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Children's Portrait Sessions

What is it we do for two hours at a children's portrait session? Well... basically what ever you want. I love to spend time getting to know your kids. I try to let them get to know me a little, get used to the camera a little... and then we just have fun. I encourage you to select a setting outside if possible. The weather in the Northwest can sometimes make this challenging, but on the other hand, it provides us with amazing settings as well! I love natural lighting and the outdoors really is perfect for that!
Here are some photos that I did last year with a great family. One of the great things about the mom at this shoot was that she was able to step back and let me work with the kids.... they really relaxed and they had fun. I know that as a parent it can be hard to stand back and let things just happen. Each time I used to take my kids in for photos, I would dance around and say, "Look up here" and "Smile... please".... then as the kids look at the ground and turned to the wall I would apologize profusely to the photographer. Most often I left the studio grumpy, frazzled and sweating. This is what I want to avoid for you! No matter how mischievous or misbehaved you may think your kiddos are being, I can promise you that it is not as bad as you think, and I really do not care. In fact, I enjoy it.... it makes me feel more normal about my own kids! So what I am trying to say is... don't worry about trying to get the kids to look just right, to get them to smile at the right time or to look the right direction.... it always works out. AND... if it really, really doesn't work out, we can always do another shoot. I want you to be happy with what you get.What should the kids wear? I suggest clothing they are comfortable in. Solid colors are good, patterns are OK too... just make sure that they do not distract too much from the kids! Bring a change of clothes so that if we go to the beach or have a potentially messy activity planned we can change after wards. With little ones, we want to capture all of that baby skin and those pudgy thighs, so bring a diaper cover, onsie, etc. Remember to bring a blanket to sit on if the ground is damp. Try to make it a solid color so it does not become a focus of the photos.Bubble are another fun thing for the kids. Even if they do not make the shot, they certainly help the kids relax and have fun.It is great when kids bring some of their favorite things to the shoot. It makes them more comfortable, and as a mom or dad, you will want to remember how much she loved this unicorn.
I love close ups of kids. I love to capture their perfect skin and smiles.... and those adorable teeth!
This is one of my very favorite shots. Really, can you beat this look. His eyes, his little pout, his had on momma for protection.... I love it!
This is another shot I love.... I love the light just pouring over this handsome little man. He is just so cute!

I wore these guys out at this shoot, but they were just so much fun I had to keep shooting. Hopefully I will get to see them again and watch them grow over the years! Please let me know if you have any questions about a shoot! Email me or call me and I would love to chat!

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One Love Photo said...

Love the last shot of the tired little ones. The above session is really cute as well, with the chubby little guy and dog. Nice portrait work.