Sunday, March 16, 2008

Madrona Cutie!

I can not begin to tell you how much fun I had shooting this amazing little Madrona cutie! I was teasing her parents about how laid back she was... she is trying to trick them into a sibling for her to play with! This family has a wonderful place in Madrona that they recently moved into, and we enjoyed shooting all over their house! Skyler is 8 months old and full of expression and patience! She would have let me shoot all day. I think I would have too had time allowed!
This next series just cracks me up..... Lilly is their adorable American Eskimo dog. She and Skyler have a great relationship...

These two will be buddies for quite some time!

Here are a couple more of my favorite shots...And of course the family...I really want to thank this family for welcoming me into their home for this shoot. They were so much fun and so laid back! I could have stayed all day. Skyler could not have been a better model, OK... you guys (Lilly included) were all right too!


Kaia Busch said...

The shots of Lilly and Skyler are adorable!! I love the one of her cracking up -
Have a good week,

Julie Watts said...

OMG adorable baby and beautifully lit shots!!

Amanda Mays said...

Uuuh excuse me... these pictures are awesome! Beginner my butt ;) I didn't realize you were the pumpkin photo on mera's blog that's awesome! Ive really enjoyed hanging out with you! See you on Monday!