Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Barefoot Twirling in the Grass

All right, I have to say it again, I loved this shoot.... these sweet girls are close to the age of my own girls, and I hope to have photos like this of my own kiddos some day. These girls had beautiful delicate dresses that their Southern Grandma had sent them. We were so lucky to get this shoot done on about the last sunny day. When Zach and I bought our first home we met a great couple two houses down who we had a lot of fun with. Both of our families moved on to new homes, had children, and grew apart. I was thrilled to reconnect with them and have the chance of shooting their girls with their mom. These two girls looked just beautiful in their dresses, and I loved seeing them with their mom, happy, laughing, and secure in her touch.Look at those eyes!These are the things that I want to remember about my own girls forever... the dancing, the secrets, the giggles, the goofy and silly bond that make young sisters the best of friends.
Walking holding hands, twirling and dancing barefoot in the grass... what a life. I can just imagine it... the way the breeze lifts your hair off of your neck, the cool grass on your feet, the air filling your dress to princess status... is there anything that little girl loves more? Thank you girls for a very fun afternoon. I hope your parents keep these photos forever and will look at them when you are all grown up and be able to remember your silliness, your smiles, the way your hair flips, your spirit, and your giggles.


Denise Karis said...

The last image is so beautiful - those girls are adorable!

Connie said...

Very sweet pictures Sara!

Thank you for the compliments on my blog. I was asked to do the wedding, but declined. It's just not my thing right now. The bridge is at Stanley and Seaforts in Tacoma. It's a really beautiful location. I love finding a great location almost as much as I love taking pictures. I need a lot more practice, but with every shoot I learn and that's what it's all about!

Would love to hang out and have coffee! Connie

Amanda Mays said...

I am dying right now! That last image... Sara truly is beautiful. It's like a hallmark card, I love it! They are all great. Good editing, the colors you chose are perfect for the feel of the pictures!