Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Fun!!!

The fall weather we are having is completely amazing! We had our second annual trip to the pumpkin patch for a photo shoot a couple of weeks ago. What a great time we had. I think I probably had the most fun. We did this event for free.... no charges... and for me that meant a great day. Sometimes I miss just taking the photos without any expectation of the subject or of me. I had a blast and we got some great shots.These two girls had a blast! Ava (on the left) had so much fun with her buddy from kindergarten. These two have so much fun together. They see each other at day care, at soccer and in school. Watch out for this pair!
I think that one of the things that was most popular this year with the girls were the "little boo" pumpkins, sweet white pumpkins, which we now have all over our house, inside and out! Every time I looked over my shoulder I caught one of my girls loading some type pumpkin in our wheelbarrow.... usually these little boos! There are so many emotions that you see at the pumpkin patch. I just laughed as I watched these brothers crack each other up....

Here is another common site.... seeing kiddos contemplate how they are going to get the largest pumpkin available...I absolutely love this shot.... the classic pout! What a cutie in her purple fall coat!Check out her sister's beautiful blue eyes.... Our family always has so much fun at the patch. If you and your family have not made it out to a pumpkin patch yet, maybe you can go this Sunday. The weather is supposed to be great and it is always fun. If you do not make it out this year, then maybe you can come next year for our 3rd annual pumpkin patch photo shoot! Here is one last shot of my two pumpkins together!


Kaia Busch said...

I love these - I'm bummed we didn't make it down there this year.

Great pic of Liv with the pumpkin!

Weber Family said...

Hey Sara!! I just came across your blog again, and am so glad!! It's fun to see your girls, and hear a bit of what's going on in your lives. I will try and check in more regularly. And your photos, of course, are AMAZING. Love these recent shots at the pumpkin patch-- oh how we wish we could have been up there to enjoy the day with you all!
Say hi to Zach for us... we send our love and hugs...
Jenny (Jeremy, Rylan & Nate too!)