Monday, October 20, 2008

The Pop, The Sweet Smell and The Memories!

Is it the innocence? Is it the sound of the pop? Is it the sweet smell? Is it the mixing of flavors? Is is the giggling? Is it the smile that it brings? Is it the kisses? What makes this so important to me? How can something as simple as lip gloss mean so much to me? I remember using this kind of gloss when I was a girl. I can remember how it felt on my lips when I rolled it on. I can hear the pop of the lid going on and off. I can remember taking it out of my backpack to show my friends as we would laugh and talk. Now today, I see my girls doing the same thing. It is hilarious to watch the girls put it on. They use quite a heavy coat and they are sure to include a large radius around their lips. Even though it looks a bit ridiculous, I can tell that they feel beautiful and special. That is a wonderful emotion to be able to see on their faces. Now they have even become gloss mixologists!I know it seems silly, but this lip gloss will always be important to me. It will always remind me of my childhood, and more importantly will always remind me of my girls. I can close my eyes and smell the lip gloss, I can feel their sweet kisses, listen to their giggles, and hear them discuss how strawberry and "banilla" should go together... I never want to forget any of it!
I hope to always have a tube of lip gloss around, something so simple and so small that can evoke intense emotion and memories for me. I hope if you have not found the "lip gloss" in your life that you take time to find it. It is there.... even if in your bathroom drawer!


Amanda Mays said...

Sara!! I HEART you! I love this post! I can so relate to this, my grandma, like many, was an Avon freak so I had many many a lip gloss in all colors of the rainbow! I love your discription of the girls with thiers so sweet!

I miss you! We need a get together soon!

Oh I almost forgot to mention these pictures are freakin awesome. Like pop art! I bet people would even buy a print of some of them!

Amanda Mays said...

banilla and strawberry for the win!

Mary Ann and Al said...

How wonderful for me to have the memories of you and your lip gloss and now of the girls and theirs. Little Kati, who I was with a couple days ago, pulled her glosss out and it went on her chin. Emma Grace, stopped her bike ride to get into the purse in her basket, to put on the lip gloss. Many wonderful memories from something as small as a lip gloss. Love you and the girls, Mom


Sara, how do you do it? How do you take a picture of lip gloss and make me want to frame it and put in on my wall! ha. By the way, I completly remember what you're talking about. Those were great times:)