Thursday, October 9, 2008

Brothers, Racing, Rock Throwing, Spiders and Fun!

I know that I have said this before, but I LOVE doing shoots with kids. They are so much fun, and the images we get are so rewarding. I have had the chance to do lots of shoots in the last few weeks and I can not wait to share some of the photos with you. These photos are from a shoot I did up by Lake Tapps. These boys are just totally adorable. Niko and Brooks (aren't those great names?!?!) are so handsome and I had a great time hanging out with them.I am also excited to say that I have been doing some more advanced editing on my photos. I am sure having fun playing with the images. I absolutely love this aged look to the photos.This shoot started off in the normal fashion, the kids were a little shy and reserved and not so sure that they were ready for this whole photography thing. Then we moved into the willing participant stage... when that wore off we moved into the boiling parent stage... and last, my favorite stage... the comfortable, unreserved and sometimes silly stage where we see the real child and capture true emotion.This shoot was really fun. Both Niko and Brooks did a fabulous job. If I were to tell you about the bloody noses (yes, "noses" is supposed to be plural!!), the spider adventure, the elbow injury, the grass rolls, you would never believe that we would have ended up with these great shots, but we did! Actually, that is the way it normally goes. During most every shoot the parents try to look, but stare between their fingers, shake their heads, and beg their kiddos to behave better. No matter how much I tried to assure Brooks and Niko's mother that things were going fine, I could tell she did not believe me... that is until she saw the photos of their little cherubs! Ha! Cherubs they are not, but amazing little boys they are!
Thanks Niko and Brooks for being so willing to hang out with me, share your forts, and play with me by the lake. I have to send out a special thanks to their mom for her patience and willingness to just let me keep taking photos throughout all of the minor disruptions we had! What a fun afternoon it was!

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these look like they came out of a magazine! Wow!